Most people would love to own their own business and be a success. Taking a dream to fruition takes guts, courage and a support network of experienced people that can help guide a new business owner.

Coco’s Pet Spa is a dream come true for Courtney “Coco” Basich. After grooming dogs, cats and even guinea pigs for over a decade she decided to dream and try to open her own pet grooming salon.

Learning from the other locations she has worked in over the years she knew what she wanted to do and what not to do. She understood the stress on pets when they go to other grooming businesses and vowed not to repeat that.

Enter the team of experienced people. She talked to everyone that might have some imput and listened. The Village of Lake in the Hills is a welcoming and friendly place for new small business. When applying for a business license, it was found by the Village that the wording in the Pet Care classification didn’t include grooming. Instead of making her jump through hoops, the Village waived the fee for a change and issued the license saying they made the mistake and will correct it on their end. How awesome is that!

The Spa is going to be very serene in colors of white and deep purple. Sparkly and pretty and designed with every pet in mind. Isolated motors in sound proof areas mean a quiet spa void of high pitched noises and whining of machinery to dry and clean the spa. A private room for cats and sensitive dogs is being constructed. Walk in wash areas and extra space between all the tables mean that animals unfamiliar with other animals aren’t forced into close confinement. All of these features will keep clients pets happy and comfortable.

We are trying to open in August 2019 and working diligently to get all the work done but you know how that goes. Stay tuned for updates on Coco’s Pet Spa Grand Opening!