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Woman with Furry Friends

Our Services


Walk In Services

15 minutes | Price varies


  • Nail clipping

  • Nail grinding 

  • Teeth brushing 

  • Anal gland expression

  • Brush out

  • Ear cleaning

  • Clean out & trim by eyes

  • Touch up package

Brushing the Fur
Trimming the Fur


Puppy Bath & Trim

This is a special service for puppies under 5 months old.


There is no better time to get your new family member used to going to the spa! If you start them young, they will be looking forward to seeing their friends!

Our package special includes a Bath, Blow Dry, Ear Cleaning, Nail Clipping, Face, feet and fanny trim if required by the breed of your pet. Prices ranges from $20 – 35.


Add On Services

Coco’s Pet Spa offers lots of add on services to make your pets day at the spa even more special.


We have special shampoo and conditioning treatments, nail polish, cat nail caps, nose and paw creams, flea and tick removel, shedding treatments and the ever popular de-skunking treatment should you need it.


We even offer a Blueberry facial! Just ask and find out what we can offer you and your pet.

Blow Drying
Golden Retriever


Special Accommodations

Some animals are more nervous and fearful due to prior experiences or just a high strung nature.


Coco’s has many years of helping pets with issues and even built that knowledge into the design of the spa.

No vaccuum noises, a private room for cats or fearful dogs. We understand and are ready to help you get the care and love you need for your dog or cat.

We also have experience with other types of animals including the occasional guinea pig, chinchilla, rabbit and hedgehog!

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